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Briar and her dog

Peticare's aim is to share the magic of homeopathy with as many animals as possible - household pets, cats, dogs, birds, horses and farm animals.


"Our cat Puti has been really good (I know - surprising isn't it!).  She's 21 in December for God's sake! When she had a cystitis episode, I gave her the remedy and she was right within an hour, magic! So thank you so much - clearly this is the perfect remedy for her. I have told many of my friends about you and this success story; so hopefully they too will give Homeopathic treatment a try!"

— Lynda Mountfort


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Peticare's Online Shop stocks a wide range of over-the-counter balms and remedies.


Follow Peticare's blog for seasonal advice, and advance notice of events happening near you.

Welcome to Peticare

Homeopathy is a healing system which can be used for many different conditions.


Does your pet have a health problem you haven't been able to fix?


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Briar giving a remedy to a dog

Peticare offers a wide range of services, including treatment of acute and chronic conditions, consultations​ and Reiki​.

Happy moments with horses and dogs
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